Inheritance Tax Calculator

Welcome to the Penguin Tax Planning Inheritance Tax Calculator.

Our simple calculator allows you to enter your details to estimate whether you have any Inheritance Tax liability that you are passing to your children to pay for from your estate.

Like most things in life, early planning and consideration can ease this burden and as long as you have two years of life remaining, it is possible to significantly reduce this Death Tax by a combination of different means.

 As you can see, trust planning may be able to reduce the amount of tax you are liable for. For more information please give us a call on 0800 211 8526

*Life Assurance policy benefits on death

**Pension fund amount

***Assumes your business assets qualifies for Business Property Relief

This information is based on our understanding of current legislation, taxation law and practice, which may change.

This does not include the newly announced Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB), as this is a complex allowance (click here for our guide to the new RNRB Allowance) and advice needs to be taken to see if your estate will be able to claim it and whether, following a discussion about trusts, you would want your estate to claim it.